The Probiotic Yogurt Scam

by Melissa Kubek

This is one of those things that drives me crazy...the idea that probiotic yogurt is an effective way to consume the good bacteria your gut needs for you to stay healthy. 

Aside from the fact that dairy on its own is bad for you because of the IGF-1, casein, and out of whack calcium levels, (not to forget the ethical issues) but when you insert good bacteria into a product like the ones shown here, the chances of these good bacteria surviving are slim to none due to pasteurization, adding of fruits & sugars (or sugar substitutes & chemicals) which are toxic to the bacteria and cause them to die off before they even get to you.

The minute number of possible survivors then have to brave the extremely acidic conditions of your stomach and most of them don't make it through to your gut where they are needed.

Let's now look at the costs: the average 8 pack of yogurt costs an average of $5.00. Each little cup of yogurt contains 1-3 million initial cfus (colony forming units) of bacteria. Even if all of these little bacteria survived (which they don't in any case) that would work out to be 8-24 million cfus per 8 pack. Make sense so far??

You can purchase, as I do, a separate probiotic (2 month supply) for $30 and each serving/cap = 25 billion cfus. To get 25 billion cfus you'd have to consume between 1000-3000 little yogurt containers just to get the same number of cfus that come in one capsule....and that's if there truly are any surviving bacteria in the yogurt (unlikely).

To get the same number of good bacteria in your system that one capsule can provide, you will spend thousands of dollars in yogurt and become very sick.

Probiotic yogurt is one of the greatest scams that consumers have bought's right up there with the non-fat craze.

Yes, I might be just a little passionate about this, but I truly want great health, longevity and vitality for all.