Not All Produce is Created Equal

by Melissa Kubek

Fruits & Veggies may all look the same, but they couldn't be more different from one another...and your body knows the difference!

Did you know that there are 3 levels of farming when growing produce? Biodynamic, Organic and Conventional.

When consuming fruits and vegetables, ensure that you are only consuming those that were grown using Biodynamic or Organic farming methods and DON'T TOUCH any produce that is not Biodynamic or's why:

The following is the Toxic Health Risk Level for each:

1. Biodynamic contains none to nearly untraceable amounts of toxins & is highest in natural Mineral & Vitamin content
*Health Risk = None - Very Low

2. Organic can contain natural pesticides, often organic farms neighbour conventional farms and can experience 'toxic drift'. Fairly high levels of minerals & vitamins, however not as great as biodynamically grown produce. Supplementation to ensure complete mineral count is needed.
*Health Risk = Very Low - Low

3. Conventional produce contains both synthetic as well as natural pesticides (most of which are estrogen-based… Got thyroid issues? Got hormone issues?), however conventional also contains: insecticides, herbicides & fungicides (and antibiotics). These toxins are sprayed topically on the produce as it grows, other toxins are also mixed with the soil and this toxic cocktail is what you ultimately eat...No amount of peeling, rinsing, soaking or scrubbing can remove the toxins as they are built into the 'food'. Not to mention most of the seeds used in conventional growing often come with a warning label on the packaging as these seeds have been genetically altered with built-in insecticides. (Think about it...these toxins that make up conventional produce are all designed to kill anything that eats it...what do you think it's doing to you...the effects are also much worse and more intense for children) These toxins are a major cause of disease, cancers, autoimmune diseases, sickness, hormone issues, liver toxicity, blood disorders, immune disorders, digestive dysfunction, etc...). The soil where these products are grown has been severely depleted from overuse and build up of toxins, however the soil does receive an injection of 3 minerals to help with this....unfortunately there are 74 minerals that our bodies need in order to absorb vitamins and these conventionally grown products are severely lacking in 71 vital minerals. Not only are these products toxic, but they also no longer have the great health benefits that existed just a handful of generations ago.
*Health Risk = High to very High

Bottom line, if you can't access Biodynamic foods, choose organically grown foods and ensure they are all properly soaked, scrubbed and rinsed before eating

....NEVER consume Conventionally grown produce/products(aka toxic food like substances). If you want to eat something that will harm you...perhaps choose cake or chips. They will taste better going down and perhaps actually be better for you because they have been so overly processed.